links This is a page developed by a good friend of mine who writes and does web design.  Enjoy! This is a distribution company for independent Canadian musicians. If you're into audio recording, you need to know about this site. A gentleman named Chuck Duffy has set up this site dedicated to the greatest recording system ever. A fantastic online independent music site. Aaron is a fellow singer/songwriter in Toronto and a friend of mine.  You should check out his site. Likewater is among the best musical acts Canada has ever produced.  You can follow the link and listen to their music now, or wait until a major label wakes up and smells the coffee.   Either way, these people are amazing. I'm listening to "Echo" as I write this. What a fantastic songwriter. Speaking of great songwriters, this one is the best - the best ever, maybe. This site is dedicated to beer. I'm not a big beer drinker myself (and when I do, I drink 50), but this site is run by a friend of mine who is the original beer connoisseur. He seeks out obscure beer companies to find the very best. If you enjoy fine beer, you have to check this out. Groovy Mondays is an open stage held most Monday nights at Holly Joe's in Toronto, hosted by Likewater's Jennifer Claveau. Canada's Entertainment Source!  A great place to find out about Canadian artists.


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