I wish I knew why I have to write it.  I tried to quit, but I can't.  It just won't let me live my life like a normal, non-songwriting person.  Whatever the reason, I need to do it, and I intend to keep at it. 

Over the last few years, I did some live shows with a band consisting of Duane Mitchell and Troy Palmer.  We recorded some drum tacks for a few songs, and I'm committed to finishing them off and posting the results on this site.   So, some of the songs feature Troy and Duane, and others are just me playing bass and programming sampled drums.  The difference is obvious, and there's nothing that compares to the sound of a good live band like Duane and Troy.  At some point, I may look in to adding other musicians to new songs that I'll be posting, or I may just move on to new material. 

This really brings me to my main point: the songs I post on this site are works in progress.  They may never be finished.  I may add and re-record parts until I die of old age.  Hopefully at some point, I'll feel they're good enough and move on - but I make no promises. 

My main hope that you like them.   Music has made the good times of my life even better, and the bad times a lot easier to take.  If even one of these songs can do that for someone else, I'll be completely happy.  Please write me and let me know what you think.