New! A special thanks goes out to Jen and the crew at Groovy Mondays for voting to have me as their feature at the Free Times Cafe on Saturday, January 31st.  The show starts at 3:00pm, and the Free Times Cafe is at 320 College Street in Toronto.  The phone number is 416-967-1078.

Also, Jennifer Claveau has made the inspirational jump of making music her full time career by starting her own management, publicity, and promotions company called SPEAK Music.  I highly recommend that anyone who is serious about music business success contact her to see how she can make your impact in the music scene both more professional and more appropriate to you and your goals.  Jennifer has been running the Groovy Mondays open stage and working tirelessly to raise both awareness of Canadian independent music and money for Arts Can Circle, a charity that raises money to buy musical instruments for native youth.  Jennifer is honest, sincere, and nuclear powered - we're all very lucky to have her pulling for us! 


 (May 24th, 2003) I'm back to prove that I'm not dead!  The last couple of years have been full of soul searching and redefining my relationship with music, among other things.  I've cleaned up the site and added a couple of new songs and several older ones.  A special thanks goes out to Aaron Bentley and William O'Higgins for their help in getting the server up and running that this site is on.   I've got a lot of songs on the go, and rather than wait until they're perfect (they're never going to be), I'll be posting them as works in progress, subject to review and reworking when I get the inspiration.  I hope you enjoy them - because that's really the whole point. 

I've also got a live, acoustic version of "Take Me" coming out on a compilation CD of Toronto artists as a benefit for Arts Can Circle.  The compilation is being produced by Jennifer Claveau of Likewater and consists of artists that were featured at the Groovy Mondays open stage.  It is a fantastic CD - I am blessed to be a part of it - with some of Toronto's best songwriters and performers lending their talents to a greater cause.   The CD release is June 2nd at Holy Joes (Queen and Bathurst).  The disc is only $10, features 19 tracks, and won't leave the CD player in my car for months when I finally get a copy of it.  Many of the acts on the CD will be playing a couple of songs live, myself included.  I hope to see you there.


 March 30th - Mike Audet and Ben Greenhouse will be appearing at Holy Joes (Upstairs at the Big Bop, Bathurst and Queen) to do an acoustic show on Tuesday, May 1st.  Other acts will likely perform also.  We'll keep you posted!

 March 28th (updated) - The Mike Audet Band will be appearing at Lee's Palace on Wednesday April 4th.  This will be the band's first appearance at Lee's Palace, and we're very much looking forward to it! It will also likely be our first Show with our new guitarist Ben Greenhouse. Note:  this show was moved from the 3rd to the 4th by Lees Palace because of PA system upgrades being done on the 3rd.

 March 24th - Front Logic will be showcasing their Digital Product Terminal at Canadian Music Week (March 29 - April 1) using The Mike Audet Band's music.  "Take Me" will be available for visitors to include on a personalized CD that will be "burnt" on the spot at no charge.  If you're going to be at Canadian Music Week, make sure you drop by the Metropolitan room, booths #317, #319, and #321 for your free CD. 

March 24th - The Mike Audet band is very pleased to announce the addition of Ben Greenhouse to the Mike Audet Band.  Ben has made a name for himself working around  Toronto as a solo entertainer.  We're delighted to be working with him!  

January 31st, 2001 - Jonathan Seet will be opening for the Mike Audet Band at C'est What on Wednesday, February 7th. This will be a special show because it will we be the Mike Audet Band's first appearance at C'est What (which is a wonderful venue), and the band will also be presenting some new material.

January 31st, 2001 - The Mike Audet Band will be appearing at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern on Wednesday, February 21st.  It will be an early night, with the band hitting the stage at 9:45 sharp. 

January 16th, 2001 - I made it back from Central America tanned for me (still pretty pale!) and ready to get down to work.  Today was a full day of recording for the new CD, and it's sounding really good.  The Blue Rodeo Competition continues.  Thanks for all your votes!  There appears to be separate rounds, so if you voted a week or two ago, you can probably vote again by now.  The band is playing at U of T on the 26th of January at The Hanger (not the Air Canada Centre - I wish!).  The cover will be $3 and you'll get a Naked Walls CD with entry.  (Naked walls is a U of T compilation CD that includes Wedding Ring and In Body Only). "Take Me" is now available for listening at  That song always gets a great reaction - I hope you enjoy it!   I guess that's it for now.  Thanks for visiting! (Posted January 16th) 

Blue Rodeo is featuring The Mike Audet Band along with 9 other artists on the Blue Rodeo web site.  The page is set up as a competition.  You can vote for your favourite song, and the top 3 favourites are listed again for the next week along with 7 new selections.  So please vote for us!!  Click here to reach the Blue Rodeo New Music Network. (posted Dec 9, 2000, updated December 14th)

The Mike Audet Band will be playing at C'est What on Wednesday, February 7th.  This should give everyone lots of notice (including us!)  There will be free Mike Audet Band collectable baseball cards for everyone who comes out.  If only I could actually play baseball... (Posted November 26th, 2000)