Overly Addictive

 The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to this band is that we were 16 years old!  I'd been playing guitar for only two years when we recorded a 10 song tape entitled "Nine Months Later...", and less than that while we were writing it.  The original lineup of the band consisted of Michael Caverly, Rob Holly, Al Hughes, and myself.  A.J. Pantalone, Jeff Allen, and Troy Palmer filled in here and there and pitched in when Mike Caverly and I tried to get the thing back to life a year or so after the tape came out. 

We were loud, rude, and terrible.  I'm not even sure why I'm putting this racket up here - I'll probably take it down when I come to my senses.  I hope you find it fun, interesting, and just maybe you'll like one of the songs.  I have more, but they're too awful to consider making public again.  My only consolation is that it's better than what Alanis was doing at the time, and the world has mostly forgiven her.